Rate reduced to 9.9%

At RD Furniture, you can pay cash, by debit, by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or with the Accord D financing program.

In store

In the store, the Accord D Desjardins financing plan is offered for a 60 months period.* The sales consultant can conclude the transaction with you and provide you with all the necessary information. To take advantage of this plan, you must have your Desjardins Visa card or Desjardins MasterCard card on hand and have a sufficient Accord D limit. A positive or negative response regarding your application will be provided in a few minutes.


Once you have selected all your products, you can either pay with your credit card (Visa or MasterCard), in one payment, or in 60 installments with the Accord D financing option (on your Desjardins Visa or MasterCard).*

The Accord D benefits

  • No additional annual fee
  • Authorized capital discounts at any time and without penalty
  • Competitive interest rate of 9.9%


You do not have an Accord D limit?
Please contact Desjardins via internet (
or by phone (1-800-224-7737) to make a request.

In need of second chance credit services?

We offer an alternative financing service with Creditmeubles, a company that offers second chance credit services. Their mission is to allow customers to buy the furniture or appliances they need and to have access to financing, whether or not they have a good credit record. A positive or negative response regarding the application will be provided within 24 to 48 hours. The request must be made at the store; it is not possible to apply online.

Examples of 60 months financing with Accord D

(Taxes (GST 5%, QST 9,975%) et interest (9.9%) are included)


60 months payments
(including taxes and interest) 

Total credit fees

Total amount
(including taxes and interest)

999$ + tx 24.35$ 312.27$  1460.87$
1999$ + tx 48.72$ 624.86$ 2923.21$
2999$ + tx 73.09$ 937.44$ 4385.54$
3999$ + tx 97.46$ 1250.03$ 5847.88$
4999$ + tx 121.84$ 1562.61$ 7310.21$


Examples of credit fees

(for a 30 day billing cycle)

If your average daily balance is : 250$ 500$ 1000$
Taux d’intérêt de : 9.9%  9.9%  9.9% 
Credit feeds for a 30 day period : 2.03$ 4.07$ 8.14$


*Upon approval of the credit only, and conditional upon the signature of a variable credit agreement with the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. The financing plan offered is subject to an annual interest rate of 9.9%, calculated from the date of purchase, and until the amount is paid in full. The amount of your monthly payments will appear on your monthly statement, which will be forwarded to you by Desjardins. On or before the due date indicated on your account statement, you must have made all your monthly payments, otherwise a 19.5% annual interest rate will be charged on outstanding and unpaid amounts. If you fail to make all your payments on the due date, the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec may, according to the Consumer Protection Act, require immediate repayment of all amounts due. Note that you can repay (partially or totally), without penalty, the amounts due, including accrued interest, before the due date. For more details, see the in-store financing agreement. 5% GST. QST of 9.975%. Subject to change without notice.