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A 2-Year Protection* on Furniture!

*Certain conditions apply. See details below.

All our sales are final. RD Furniture offers a 2-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. During the first year, the warranty covers all parts and labour costs. During the 2nd year, the warranty covers the costs related to parts only. The buyer must pay for transporting the furniture to fulfill the warranty conditions.

No surprises! RD Furniture cuts its operating costs to offer the best products at the best prices! So, do not hesitate and choose from our vast selection of new furniture! You will be amazed by the quality and durability of our products!

What You Need to Know:

  • Any furniture may be damaged if exposed to direct sunlight, placed close by a high heat source, or in a room where the humidity level is inadequate;
  • Wood is a natural resource that can show irregularities, making every piece of furniture unique. A piece could also be deliberately hammered in the factory to create a particular effect. The finish or colour will, therefore, vary according to the wood species or the result sought by the manufacturer;
  • Some fabrics (such as microfibre) may result in varying colours depending on the direction of the fibres;
  • It is expected that seat cushions will lose firmness after the first few months of use, as the foam can lose up to 15% of its elasticity;
  • Leather is a natural material; its appearance, texture and colour can show variations. That is what differentiates genuine leather from imitation and then highlights its richness. Some of these variations, such as scars, insect bites, neck wrinkles or scratches left by a barbed wire, are proofs of authenticity; that is why you will never find two identical skins. All these imperfections are harmonious and cannot be considered defects within the definition of this warranty.

Retail Demonstrators

All demonstrators are also covered by a 2-year limited warranty, except for defects and damages on the item at the time of purchase. If a demonstrator shows manufacturing defects and RD Furniture cannot repair them, the exchange (or the offered credit) will equal the purchase price and not the item's original value. 

The buyer must pay for transporting the furniture to fulfill the warranty conditions.

South Shore Furniture and Nexera

The warranty on these products made in Quebec is exceptionally honoured by the South Shore and Nexera manufacturers.

Please refer to the South Shore Furniture website to learn more about the warranty offered by this manufacturer.

Please refer to the Nexera website to learn more about the warranty offered by this manufacturer.

ComfoRD Warranty* on Mattresses

Your body needs time to adjust to a new mattress. Upon a mattress purchase, RD Furniture grants you a 90-night trial to ensure that your new mattress meets your needs.

The ComfoRD Warranty offers a one-time opportunity to make a new selection between the 90th and 120th night after purchasing a mattress. The exchange must be of equal or greater value. The new selected mattress must be the same size/dimension as the previous one. The mattress from your original selection needs to be protected by a mattress cover bought at RD Furniture and stain-free; otherwise, the warranty will be cancelled. 

To take advantage of this warranty, you must provide the original invoice indicating both the mattress and the mattress cover product codes and the signed ComfoRD warranty document. Without either of these documents, the warranty will not be honoured. RD Furniture reserves the right to cancel this warranty at any time without notice. 

Please note that the ComfoRD warranty does not apply to retail demonstrator, clearance or Classic collection mattresses. You must pay the following fees to benefit from the ComfoRD warranty: delivery of the new mattress; the price between the new selected mattress and the original purchase.

*Details in store.

Mattresses and Boxsprings

Each mattress is covered by a 1 to 15-year warranty for manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover normal foam compression. A mattress subject to a claim must be free of stains and dirt. The manufacturer honours the warranty on these products, but RD Furniture will process claim requests.  

RD Furniture will transfer your request to the manufacturer if you need to make a claim for a mattress. The manufacturer will honour the warranty depending on the condition and usage of the mattress. RD Furniture has no decision-making power over this warranty. 

The mattress must have been used on a platform bed frame (without slats) or an appropriate boxspring for memory foam mattresses.

Bed Sheets

Sheet sets are protected from manufacturing defects by a 3-month limited warranty following purchase. Please get in touch with one of our customer service agents if you notice colour or fabric irregularities during this period. This warranty does not cover comfort preferences, height, normal wear and tear, or damages caused by misuse, such as burns, tears, cuts, stains, or defects caused by liquid or moisture.

Appliances and Electronics

The warranty on appliances and electronics is honoured by the manufacturers. The buyer must refer to the warranty information included in the instruction manual supplied with the purchased product.

All our appliances and electronic products are covered by a full one-year warranty from the supplier, parts and labour.

Living Room Furniture Structural Frame and Reclining Mechanisms

A 5-year warranty covers the structural frame of all sectionals, sofas, loveseats, armchairs, footstools, sofa beds, and the reclining mechanisms of sectionals, sofas, loveseats and armchairs.

RD Furniture guarantees these components and mechanisms to be free from manufacturing defects and will pay, during the first year following the purchase date, parts and labour costs necessary to fix or replace the defective parts if the furniture belongs to the first buyer.

From the 2nd to the 5th year, the warranty related to structural frames and reclining mechanisms only covers the replacement of certain parts. The first buyer must pay the labour and damage evaluation costs.

At all times, the first buyer must cover all costs related to delivery and pickup.

Cancellation of warranty

The warranty shall be void if :

  • The furniture is subjected to non-residential use (i.e., rental or commercial use);
  • Damage, wear and tear are the results of misusage, or if the buyer has let the damaged furniture deteriorate before advising RD Furniture of the situation;   
  • The buyer intentionally modified the furniture;
  • Damage occurred during transport by the buyer (after pickup);
  • Fabrics and leathers have been inadequately treated or show signs of discolouration due to excess sun exposure;
  • Damages were caused by dirt accumulation, animals (hair, claws, scratches), the inadequate humidity level in the room, or any liquid;
  • The furniture shows any stains.


This warranty does not cover: 

  • The reimbursement of any fabric or leather treatment;
  • Colour variation between leather and vinyl combination of furniture;
  • Discolouration on headrests or stains caused by garment dye transfer;
  • Component density or shape and upholstery variations;
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by fabric defects;
  • Pilling;
  • The loss of a product and the loss of income, salary or time caused by delays resulting from a damaged product, discontinuity of parts, or any other difficulty related to the repairing process.

COMERCO Protection plans

Come this way to have peace of mind!

RD Furniture offers COMERCO protection plans on furniture, appliances, electronics, electric beds and outdoor furniture to help you enjoy your purchase even longer. 

For terms and conditions, exclusions and other details regarding service or cancellation of your plan, please refer to the following COMERCO documents:

* For the Appliances and Electronic protection plans, the manufacturer's warranty protects your item during the first year. The protection plan becomes effective following the end of the manufacturer's warranty for parts and labour. The Appliances Protection plan offers you parts and labour coverage for up to 4 additional years to the manufacturer's warranty. The Electronic Protection plan offers you parts and labour coverage for up to 3 additional years to the manufacturer's warranty.


You did not take advantage of your protection plan by the expiration date?

Get a purchase credit equivalent to the value paid for your plan. This credit could be applied - within 30 days of its issuance only - on an invoice totalling at least twice the value of the plan.

To obtain service or other precisions about your COMERCO protection plan:

A picture of the product, damage, serial number label or a copy of the purchase invoice may be required. A copy of your plan's proof of purchase may be required in order to obtain service.

To transfer your plan to another owner:

For terms and conditions, exclusions and other details regarding service or cancellation of your plan, please refer to the documents received when purchasing your plan.

Terms and Conditions

If no defect is detected or repairs are refused, the warranty holder must pay the fees incurred. Otherwise, the benefits of this contract will be suspended until full payment of the fees. The duration of the warranty will not be extended following a suspension. 

RD Furniture warranties are non-transferable and only apply to the first buyer still living at the same address. To fulfill the warranty conditions, the buyer must present the purchase invoice. At all times, the first buyer is responsible for all costs related to delivery and pickup. 

If during the warranty period, identical materials are no longer available at the time of repair or replacement, RD Furniture reserves the right to replace them with materials of equal or greater quality. The colour of the leather or replacement fabric may differ from the original.

Procedure for a Claim

If a problem occurs and is covered by our warranty, please fill out the service request form. A confirmation email of your request will be sent to you. Our team will immediately take charge of the file and inform you of the processing delays during follow-up. Ensure you have the invoice and photos of the damaged product. To take advantage of the guarantee and speed up your request process, you must provide the order, contract, and invoice numbers. Note that RD Furniture will not provide a copy.