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Always on the lookout for new and amazing opportunities, RD Furniture buys stocks from many sources and gives you the possibility of purchasing them at extraordinarily low prices! You can now get the quality products you have always dreamed of! Look no further, RD Furniture offers you lower prices than other retailers... Here, everything comes with great savings!

Indeed, our furniture is offered at the lowest possible price because we buy in bulk and at discount prices overstocks from suppliers, which limits us sometimes when it comes to colour choices and merchandise availability. All the furniture is new, packed in its original packaging and comes from the same manufacturers who sell to the other furniture stores. These stocks make up 40% of our inventory.

The other 60% of our inventory is made up of regular products from renowned manufacturers in Canada, the United States and Asia. Each year, we travel to the biggest furniture fairs in the world in order to find for you the best new products at the best prices. Indeed, we only buy new furniture from the biggest manufacturers, as do other furniture stores.

At RD Furniture, you will not find used or private label furniture. Just a wide selection of great new products for the home! Not all our inventory is on the website, but we do our best to have it up to date in order to give you an actual overview of our inventory. We have many other products in our stores, which represent a total of over 750,000 square feet of incredible discounts! If you have questions about what you are looking for, we may have the answer. So do not hesitate to contact us or visit us!

New products coming in every week

Richard Lemieux, co-owner, says that "the inventory is always changing, and made up of a wide variety of new brands. Every week, RD Furniture receives new merchandise. So if you could not find what you were looking for on your last visit, you might find what you fancy the following week. Keep your eyes open and visit us often!

How can you take advantage of it?

To take advantage of our unbeatable offers, you can shop online or visit one of our stores. You will discover then that you are not paying for a splashy decor or for lower-end furniture. By keeping its operating costs to a minimum, RD Furniture can offer you mid to high-end, low-priced furniture. And that’s the reason why, at RD Furniture, you will always find the best bargains!

Our suppliers

For more than 10 years, RD Furniture has been selling products from more than 50 companies and our expertise is now recognized internationally. Some of our suppliers are companies who need our expertise to alleviate some inventory, overproduction or end of activities problems. With us, they get the maximum value for their merchandise. In addition, we are always available to facilitate the resale of products from companies in financial difficulty. RD Furniture allows its suppliers to quickly dispose of their inventories. We also honour all advertising and geographic sales restrictions in order to ensure that the brand and market integrity remain intact.