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The world of refrigerators is filled with options as diversified as they are numerous. Here are important features to think about when looking for the right refrigerator.

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Refrigerator in a complete kitchenRefrigerator in a complete kitchen















Measure the Space for Your New Fridge

You need to consider, first and foremost, the dimensions of your space before you even select the capacity of a new fridge.  

How to measure the space dedicated to the refrigerator in your kitchen.How to measure the space dedicated to the refrigerator in your kitchen.


Difference between standard depth refrigerator and counter depth refrigerator.

How to Measure the Space for Your

1. Measure the width between your cabinets. Most refrigerators are between 30 and 36 inches wide (76 to 91 cm). Some models, of smaller capacity and sometimes taller, can, however, be housed in a 24-inch wide alcove (61 cm). Consider the hinges and the space needed to open the fridge doors when one or both sides of your appliance are close to the adjoining cabinets or to a wall.

2. Measure the height from the floor to the lowest point of the upper cabinets (if there are any). Consider the hinges at the top of the refrigerator; some fridges have recessed hinges, while other models have protruding hinges that, if they stick out too much, could interfere with the opening of the cabinet doors above.

3. Measure the depth from the back wall to the countertop's front, including the baseboard depth, if any. Most refrigerators are 30 inches deep, while the standard depth of countertops is 24 inches. You should shop amongst the counter-depth models to prevent your fridge from overhanging too much.


Ensure the doors – including the freezer door – open without hitting the dishwasher, the island, the cabinets, or your better half peeling potatoes! Leave 36" to 42" in front of your fridge to make sure you can move easily around it. Needless to say, a single large door requires more clearance than the split doors of a Side-by-Side or French Door Fridge.

Also, check that hinges or handles do not interfere with traffic. Who wants to bump into a handle time and time again? 


To avoid overheating problems or compressor breakdowns, most models require a gap of at least 1/8" on each side, 1" above and 2" behind the refrigerator to allow good air circulation and proper operation of your refrigerator. Subtracting these numbers from the measurements will give you the accurate dimensions you have for your fridge. Check the manufacturer's instructions (some even recommend a minimum of 1" to 2" all around).

Make the Delivery of Your New Fridge a Breeze

You now have confirmed that your recess is big enough for your refrigerator? Good, but it will only do a little (except create some inconvenience for our friendly delivery people and you!) if it does not pass through the doorways or between the cabinets and the island. Remember to consider turns and stairs and know that the best path is not always a straight line. For more information, see our delivery and pickup policy and our return policy.

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Can I Connect the Fridge to the Same Outlet as the Stove?

Concerning the electrical outlet, the Quebec Electrical Code states that each outlet installed for a refrigerator must be powered by a bypass that does not supply any other outlet.

Can a Fridge Be near a Wall, a Window or the Oven?

Hydro-Québec recommends installing the refrigerator at a safe distance from any heat source. Therefore, avoid putting it close to or beside a stove, oven, or radiator. The proximity of a window is not a problem unless it brings direct and bright sunlight on the fridge.

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Psst! Do not forget the necessary clearance on each side to choose the right width! 


Evaluate Your Needs
for Your New Fridge

Take all these facts into account before making a decision.

Your budget is an essential feature to consider when buying a new refrigerator. Setting a specific price before shopping will stop you from overspending on non-essential features. Avoid paying too much for an ice machine if you rarely need ice cubes.

The fridge you chose is a little more expensive than you had planned? Talk to one of our sales consultants who will explain our payment and financing options.

French-door refrigerator with bottom freezer

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Which Refrigerator to Choose for 2, 4, or 5 People and What Capacity Is Best?

Count about 4 to 6 cubic feet per person. You should need about a 10 cubic feet capacity for two people, excluding freezer space. For larger households, estimate 1.5 cubic feet for each additional person. A refrigeration/freezing space of 21 cubic feet should be enough for the average family.

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Capacities vary from one type of refrigerator to another. For example, because of their shallower depth, counter-depth fridges generally offer fewer cubic feet than models of the same width. For the largest capabilities, check out French Door and Side-by-Side models. 



Choose Your Refrigerator Model

There is a wide variety of refrigerator sizes and models on the market. Think about your everyday life to choose the fridge that best suits your needs.

Do you eat a lot of frozen food? Do you prefer getting loads of groceries in one outing or shopping little by little? Are some family members constantly opening the fridge to find out if there is something to eat? Do you like drinking cold water with ice cubes?


Top-freezer refrigerator


The most popular model: affordable, durable and energy efficient! This fridge has a freezer – an interior compartment or with a separate door – on top of the refrigeration section, resulting in a spacious fridge interior. In the standard version of 30'' wide, it requires significant front clearance for opening the doors.

Capacity: from 6.3 CU FT to 21.2 CU FT
Width: from 21’’ to 33’’

Bottom-freezer refrigerator


In this case, the freezer is at the bottom of the fridge which allows better access to your refrigerated food. Note that, usually, the freezer opens like a drawer (with a few exceptions where frozen food is accessible through one or two doors). You’ll have easy access to your frozen fruits.

Capacity: from 10.8 CU FT to 30 CU FT Width: from 24’’ to 36’’

French-door refrigerator


French Doors models, also named Double-Door Fridges, have doors that open outward, with the split in the middle and a freezer section at the bottom, accessed by one or two drawers. These refrigerators are popular now because of their large capacity and easy accessibility and convenient storage space.

Capacity: from 14.3 CU FT to 30 CU FT Width: from 30’’ to 36’’

syde-by-side refrigerator


Side-by-Side (or Column) Refrigerators are divided vertically: on one side, the freezer door and the other, the fridge. These models are more advantageous if you need a reasonably large freezer and want to have everything at hand. Note: most of these models have a water dispenser or ice machine. This refrigerator allows you to enjoy a large storage space. Perfect for families!

Capacity: from 22.2 CU FT to 27 CU FT Width: from 33’’ to 36’’

All refrigerator


White, black, stainless steel, slate, or platinum silver, All Refrigerators are very convenient. Some have storage compartments for specialty foods (sushis, dairy products, etc.). Single-door all refrigerators may also be paired with a freezer of the same size and brand. But they are also convenient for the garage or basement.

Capacity: from 11 CU FT to 17 CU FT
Width: from 24’’ to 30’’

Compact refrigerator


They are convenient and live up to their compact qualifier. Since these small refrigerators fit easily in cramped spaces, they are ideal for small apartments, dorm rooms, offices, outdoor kitchens, garages, and basements. Some have a separate freezer; others are designed to be merely beverage coolers. They are also ideal for extra refrigeration space.

Capacity: from 2.6 CU FT to 5.5 CU FT
Width: from 18.5’’ to 26’’

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What Is the Best Refrigerator Brand?

Of course, it all depends on your space constraints, wishes, and budget. But rest assured that Meubles RD appliance department managers have developed unquestionable expertise over the years. They are committed to recommending products that will meet your needs and offering you at all times the best-renowned brands at the best prices.

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Choose Your Fridge Finish

Once you have selected your model, storage capacity and preferred features, it's time to think about the finish and colour of your future refrigerator. If you already have a stove and dishwasher, you'll probably want to select the same finish (one less decision to make!). But if your fridge is the centerpiece of a new set of appliances for your kitchen, then the choice of finish becomes oh-so-important. Then, consider that this finish must please and satisfy you for many years.  

French door refrigerator with bottom freezer.French door refrigerator with bottom freezer.

Stainless steel pellet

Stainless Steel

Extremely popular for many years now, the stainless-steel finish has become a timeless choice for consumers.


White pellet


The white refrigerator is a classic experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to modern or all-white kitchen trends.

Black stainless pellet

Black Stainless Steel

A bold design choice will give pizzazz and uniqueness to any kitchen, either country or modern style! A layer of black oxide on a stainless-steel base produces this luxurious, glossy finish.


Slate pellet


An elegant and modern dark matte finish that maintains its look, this finish is naturally fingerprint, stain and dirt resistant. A significant advantage is that refrigerators with a slate finish easily complement stainless steel, black or white appliances. 

Black slate pellet

Black Slate

This is a real marriage of convenience: the refinement of the black colour and the resistance to stains and fingermarks of the slate finish. This charcoal and matte finish stands out beautifully in coloured kitchens. It is suitable for all decors, so it will undoubtedly make a splash in yours.


Black pellet


Black is back! Super chic, black kitchens are the darlings of decoration magazine editors and interior designers. No wonder black appliances and refrigerators have become fashionable again. But they can also spice up any basic or bland-ish kitchen.

Platinum silver pellet

Platinum Silver

This is the latest trend in the world of appliance finishes. Given that platinum and silver are metals associated with jewellery, we can safely assure you that this matte finish will give your kitchen a rich and timeless style.


Red pellet


How hot are these fireman-red refrigerators? They make an impression on everyone and can add style and a colour punch to any room.

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Which Appliance Finish Is the Easiest to Care For?

White is a safe bet since it has long proven its ease of maintenance.

Slate, as well as stainless steel, is fingermark, stain and dirt resistant. This makes them easy to maintain and to keep clean.

You are leaning towards a stainless-steel model, but you hesitate? Remember to ask if the stainless steel of the refrigerator you are looking at is resistant to stains and fingerprints. Check out the following brands for easy-to-clean options: LG, GE and Frigidaire. Good to know: our Comerco product range includes an inox care kit to help keep your stainless fridge clean.



Select the Features
of Your Refrigerator

The wide range of features and various storage solutions manufacturers offer are pretty exciting! But remember: with refrigerators, as with cars, the more features your fridge has, the higher the price. 

Bottom-freezer refrigerator - features


Element #1
The size of the door bins: especially if you always keep multiple containers of juice, milk, and other bottles in your door.


Element #2
Spill-proof and removable glass shelves: no one wants the food on a shelf to "contaminate" the food underneath, as can happen with wire mesh shelves. Bonus: it's so much easier to clean!

Element #3
Height-adjustable shelves and bins: because you might need to organize and customize your refrigerator space to fit your leftover dishes, reception trays, and the 42 bottles of sauces and condiments!


Element #4
Temperature-controlled fruit and vegetable drawers: because you prefer crunchy and fresh fruits and vegetables, and because wasting food is … well, a waste.

Element #5
Sliding shelves: to access the items in the back without having to play Tetris with your food in the fridge.


Element #6
Bins and holders for cans and bottles.

Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Refrigerator

Our parents' appliances consumed a lot of electricity. Nowadays, appliances are more efficient. Better yet, there are now ENERGY STAR qualified appliances in stores! This acronym guarantees that your appliance consumes 20% less energy than current federal government standards require. The Energuide label, on the other hand, allows you to know the average annual consumption of your new appliance. Cool!

Energy Star logo


Tip #1
Avoid keeping the door open. And tell the kids to do the same! As the door is opened, your fridge instantly lets 30% of its cold air escape, and cold air leaks until the door is closed.


Tip #2
Keep your fridge full but do not overfill it.

Tip #3
Clean the door seal regularly. Replace it if you see some light around the closed door.


Tip #4
Clean the condenser coil regularly to prevent the compressor from being overloaded. This will significantly increase the efficiency of the refrigerator – an improvement of up to 30%.

Tip #5
Choose electronic or digital controls: they allow a more precise temperature adjustment.


Tip #6
Ice machines or water dispensers also increase the energy consumption of a refrigerator compared to other models.



Additional tips


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What Is the Best Temperature for the Fridge and Freezer?

For maximum energy efficiency while ensuring food safety, set your refrigerator temperature between 1.7°C and 3.3°C (35°F and 38°F) and the freezer temperature to -18°C (0°F). A 5 to 6°C lower temperature can increase the energy consumption by 25% (source: Hydro-Québec). If your fridge has a temperature control knob graduated from 0 to 10, select 6. If the knob is graduated to 5, choose 3. Set the freezer knob to 4 first; then adjust it to the desired temperature.

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When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Refrigerator?

Our easy answer could be: any time! Or when your current fridge dies ... Or if you've decided to renovate your kitchen...

All these answers are good, of course! But, since your happiness – and budget! – are our primary objectives; we suggest you check out our flyers.  With the cooperation of our appliance suppliers, we can offer you promotions and special discounts several times a year.

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When to Plug in and Activate a New Refrigerator?

That's it, you made your choice, and you are waiting for the delivery of your new fridge. 

If you have chosen a model with a water dispenser or an ice maker, you must ensure you can connect it to the cold water supply. It's time to read the manufacturer's manual or call a good plumber!

Wait a few hours before plugging in your new refrigerator. And then, wait 24 to 72 hours (according to the manufacturer's instructions) before adding food.

We Recycle Your Appliances

Sustainable development is one of Meubles RD's values. That's why we have created an individual recovery program for appliances and air conditioners authorized by Recyc-Québec. Thanks to our repair shop and partner PureSphera, we evaluate the potential for remarketing and try to give a second life to recovered devices. End-of-life devices are disposed of in a safe and eco-responsible manner. Our repair shop responsibly disposes of other devices. If you also want to reduce your environmental footprint, make a request when scheduling your delivery, and we will be happy to pick up your old fridge.

RD Furniture Repair shop for houseold appliancesRD Furniture Repair shop for houseold appliances

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