how to choose your next washer & dryer set

There it is, time for you to choose a new washer and dryer set. Where to start? With all the features, brands, possibilities, and capacity, how is it even possible to make the right choice? How to find out what you need and what would be useful for you? We gathered information, asked questions, and compared; we really did our homework to better help you!




















Choose Your Model

Washers and dryers offer many options. Understanding the different features of each model will help you choose the best option for you.


It is important to select the right one. Yes, choosing your favourite finish and colour is key, but deciding what features best suit your lifestyle should come first. You have to establish if you do laundry every day, if you need a "gigantic wash load" mode for the athletes or artists in your family, or if ... It’s a lot of questions to answer, right? We will cover as much as possible to help you.


This type of appliance is stylish and modern, but is it what you really need? As far as space is concerned, a front-loading washer has many benefits. Since the door and controls are in the front, it can go under a counter. Think of the big surface you could have to fold clothes and keep products within reach! 

The front-loading washer, which has an approximate capacity of 3 to 6 cu ft, tumbles clothes in shallow water. Since the tub does not require a complete fill, it is much more energy efficient than a top-loading model. The tumbling process allows a delicate yet effective stubborn stain removal. It is gentler on fabrics and quieter than a top-loading washer. 

Several speed options provide a better spinning process and thus reduce drying time. Another great way to save energy! Yes, the front-loading washer is more expensive, but it will save you money over the years.

Another benefit we like about front-loading washers; dryers can be stacked on top, which is so perfect for smaller areas. If you need a washer for your apartment, or if you want to hide your appliances in a closet, well, there you go! This is for you!


Still very popular with our consumers, this model presents so many benefits. This washer requires less maintenance than a front-loading model because it presents little risk of mould and odours. The normal wash cycle is shorter and lets you add clothes while still running (in case you forgot!).

It is important to evaluate the space you have before buying; a top-loading washer has a smaller depth (23 to 29 inches) but is higher than a front-loading model with a 30 to 34 inches depth. Yes, the top-loading washer requires more water than a front-loading model, which is why brands offer energy-efficient appliances. Your environmental footprint is essential for you? You want to look for Energy Star certified models. Fun fact: top-loading models without an agitator (HE, for high-efficiency, washers) use less water and provide more room for bulky items. The drum tumbles clothes and washes stains gently and efficiently.

Budget-wise, a washing machine with an agitator is an excellent pick. The movement of the agitator ensures a thorough and complete wash. Perfect for your first apartment, condo or cottage. Whether you live alone or your children have moved out, the top-loading model is for you!


Finding the appliance that washes and dries and saves space on top of that, what's not to love! Very convenient for an apartment, a small bathroom, a cabin, or simply for saving space! Everything is easily accessible since controls and doors are in the front.


Our compact washers are so convenient wherever you go! All you need is access to a water drain, a power supply, and voilà! Its 1.8 cu ft capacity is perfect for small loads.


Washers often steal the show, but let's focus on dryers now, as they are just as important, especially if you share your life with athletes who wear smelly equipment and use 92 towels a week! What features should you be looking for in a dryer? 


Front-loading washer and dryer sets have the same look. That is, with a modern porthole so your little one can watch Bunny get a makeover! 



It is robust and opens forward and down. It prevents clean clothes from falling on the floor (if you have a shedding pet, this is definitely a plus!).


This door requires a little attention on your part; before purchase, check to see which side the door opens or if it can be installed on the opposite side. Remember to evaluate your space before going to the store. Also, make sure that the bathroom traffic is still flowing when the dryer door is open.


What is the Best Washer & Dryer Brand?

Of course, everything depends on your space constraints, your wishes, and your budget. But rest assured that the managers of the RD Furniture appliance department have developed unquestionable expertise over the years. They are committed to recommending products that will meet your needs and offering you at all times the best-renowned brands at the best prices.

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Evaluate Your Needs

What are all these buttons and functions for? Are they really that useful?

Once again, it all depends on your needs. Let us shed some light on all these features to help you make the right decision!











The Most Popular

The different wash cycles range from delicate to normal to heavy for bulky items or heavily soiled clothes. You can also find an activewear cycle that runs an extra rinse to remove excess soap, which might prevent fabric pores' blockage. It is important to mention that these breathable membranes should not be washed in the normal cycle exactly for that reason. Here's another important tip: avoid using fabric softener, as the fabrics will lose their breathability quality. This activewear cycle providing an extra rinse removes detergent residual, pet hair, and those infamous facial tissue debris left in a pocket during a dark clothes load! Didn't we all live through that nightmare at least once?

For Laundry Addicts

There is also the whitest white cycle for obtaining the whitest whites; you will see the difference! And the colour cycle will preserve your clothing’s appearance. The fast wash function allows you to do a complete cycle in 15 to 18 minutes; a gem for everyone in a hurry! The temperature control also features a sanitary cycle, where water is heated to a temperature as high as 67°C (152°F), eliminating 99,9% of bacteria. You can choose the rinsing cycle water temperature as well as the spinning cycle speed. Sensors in the tub determine the needed settings to maximize cleaning while saving as much water as possible. Some models come with a steam cleaning cycle to remove odours, stubborn stains and bacteria while getting your clothes wrinkle-free.

For the Techno-Savvy Consumers

We like the Wi-Fi connection, and so will you. It is possible to plan wash times with your cell phone. Remotely start, stop and monitor your load. Leave the house peacefully since your washer has safety features. An anti-overflow, anti-foam and anti-flood device detects any malfunction or water mess. Your washer will stop filling in the event of a breakage, thus preventing damage. And the Wi-Fi connection will quickly notify you through your cell phone.  Technology, what would we do without it? 

For Those Who Always Want More

Here are other features that will make your laundry task more fun. Some front-loading models feature an automatic detergent dispenser, taking only the amount needed for the current load. Some top-loading washers have the handy feature of having a water station with a built-in faucet in the tub so you can rinse and pre-wash the clothes that need it!  


For Avoiding Damages

Do you have curious children who like to test things "just to see how it feels"? If so, we suggest you get a model with the door safety feature and locked controls when the washer is running!  


The Most Popular

Most dryer models have different drying cycles, such as delicate, fast and wrinkle release. Additional functions will surely get your attention, and steam drying is one of them. This cycle eliminates bad odours, wrinkles and static.

And then, there is the humidity detection function. The dryer stops when clothes are almost completely dry, even if you had programmed a longer cycle, thus saving a lot of energy.

For the Techno-Savvy Consumers

The Wi-Fi connection and sanitation options are convenient additions. Receive notifications by phone and control everything remotely. Why sanitation? Do you remember the smelly sports gear? You want to have this feature on your dryer at that moment!

For Those Who Are Done with Ironing

Do you wear shirts, blouses or any other garment requiring specific care? You will like the “Y” connection. Connected to the washer, it transforms hot water into a fine mist to give your delicate high-maintenance garments a clean and satin finish look. No more struggling with the board and iron!


Measure Your Space

It is important to determine where you want to install your new appliances. Why not make your laundry area in a closet if you live in a smaller space? Stacked models are highly suggested in these cases. Check the following details before going to the store if you’re going for a side-by-side model:

-Access to the water valves
-Dryer door clearance
-Remaining space if you choose models with side-opening doors
-Placement of the appliances (basement? closet? bathroom?)

You have questions about these last issues? Take a picture of your space and meet our specialists in-store. They will answer your questions with pleasure.














Which Side is the Door

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a dryer: check the door opening or if it can be installed on the opposite side to suit your space best.



Why get a pedestal?
But first, what is a pedestal? 



A pedestal will raise your appliances for more comfort and provide additional storage space. You will surely appreciate the pedestal if you suffer from frequent back pain. No more hurtful bending: everything will be within your reach. Let's talk about this storage space; large drawer for detergent bottles, fabric softener sheet boxes, iron, and all that jazz! 

Pedestal Washer

But wait; some brands offer the pedestal washer! If you like to make the most of your time, you'll be delighted! This pedestal will not only place your washer at a convenient height but also allow you to do two loads at once. This 1.1 cu ft capacity tub is ideal for garments requiring special care. 

5 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Appliances

It’s no secret; appliances need maintenance for long-term preservation and proper functioning. Here are our best tips to enjoy your appliances even more and for longer. 












Yes, it is important to use the proper type of laundry detergent. Front-loading washers require a high-efficiency (HE) soap type. The dosage also needs to be checked to avoid excess lather and soap residue. Come and visit our website, and why not try detergent sheets; you will save a lot of money while doing something significant for the environment. 

The ultimate tip for fighting moisture is to leave the door and soap dispenser drawer ajar when you are not using your washer. Leaving a load in the washer for a few days is certainly not recommended!

Wipe the door seal and tub with a damp cloth after each load; a little 2 minutes saves you a lot of trouble!

It is suggested to clean your washer once a month; some models may even remind you when to do it. Yes, you must wash your washer! All it takes of our cleaning products is a few caps of soap, a cleaning cycle, followed by a spin cycle, and you're done! Your washer will be like brand new! 

Your dryer requires maintenance as well. It is important to dry clean the lint filter after each use. That will help improve the performance of your appliance while preventing fire hazards.

Please refer to the information provided by the appliance supplier for specific maintenance tips.

Reduce Your Appliance Energy Consumption

Our parents' appliances consumed a lot of electricity. Nowadays, appliances are more efficient. Better yet, there are now ENERGY STAR qualified appliances in the stores! This logo guarantees, basically, that your appliance consumes 20% less energy than required by current federal government standards. The Energuide label, on the other hand, allows you to know the average annual consumption of your new appliance. 


Combine clothes types to reduce the number of loads. Working less and doing more for the earth; we love it!


Use the extended spin option to save on drying time. 

Washing with cold water is just as effective.


Thoroughly clean the lint filter to increase airflow and save energy.

Combine light, quicker-drying clothes together, and do the same with thicker ones, like towels and pants.


Do not overload the dryer! It is important to ensure a significant airflow for effective drying.


And that's it! Are you ready to make your decision? Visit us in-store or consult our online consultants for more information. One more important step to consider before proceeding with the purchase; make sure you have all the necessary parts (fittings, stacking kits). Visit our parts and accessories section to find everything you need. 

We Collect Your Appliances

Sustainable development is one of RD Furniture values. That's why we have created an individual recovery program for appliances and air conditioning, authorized by Recyc-Québec. Thanks to our repair shop, and our partner PureSphera, we evaluate the potential for remarketing and try to give a second life to recovered devices. End-of-life devices are disposed of in a safe and eco-responsible manner. Other devices are responsibly disposed of by our repair shop. If you also want to reduce your environmental footprint, make a request when scheduling your delivery and we will be happy to pick up your old fridge.












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