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Cookie policy

This cookie policy applies only to the processing of personal data when using this website (www.meublesrd.com), including the online purchasing of products on this website.  RD Furniture takes the security of its users seriously, and we hope that this policy will allow you to understand how we use your personal information. You will find within it information concerning our practices and your rights. 

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy to adapt it to any technological, legal or political change making such a modification necessary.

What is a cookie?

They are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to your computer's hard drive through your web browser.  Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer.
 This file contains different types of data linked to our website and allows you to have a personalized experience. Some of your cookies are essential to your web browsing. There are, in general, 4 categories of cookies to take into account:

  • Mandatory cookies: These cookies allow for the proper functioning of our website, and without these cookies, it would be very difficult to browse on our website.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies allow us to greatly ameliorate your user experience. As an example, if you leave our website and come back afterwards, you will be able to continue with your order where and how you left it. Functional cookies are also created to remind you of your passwords when you reconnect. Per example, when you create an account with us, you can check the “remember me” box, which allows you to access the basket on your computer even though you are not connected to your account.
  • Tracking cookies: These cookies allow our communication and search engine optimization agencies to link the relevance of the websites content to our visitors’ behaviour to, per example, understand which promotional offers have worked the best.
  • Social network cookies:  These cookies allow you to share content from our website on your social networks, such as Facebook.

You will find here below the complete list of our cookies and the type of cookie they are.

Pixel tags are included in our definition of the term “cookie”, the former being minuscule graphical elements with unique identifier allows one to count the number of visits to a given section of the website, or to an element of a specific web page.

How much time do these cookies remain stored on my electronic devices?

Cookies are stored in either a temporary or permanent fashion on your hard disk or your device’s storage space.

Session cookies are temporary files which are automatically deleted once you close your Internet browser. They are not stored by RD Furniture nor are they transmitted to third parties. Session cookies’ purpose is to ameliorate the user friendliness of our website in general and to simplify browsing on it.

Permanent cookies remain active after your visit on our website. These are used to recognize your browser from one session to another and to simplify your browsing, to collect statistical information on the usage of our website, and in certain cases, to promote our business on other websites. It is however important to note that cookies are not linked to your personal information and that they hence do not allows us to identify you as an individual, but only to understand if the same browser has visited our website in the past. 

You will find below the complete list of our cookies, and the applicable storage period.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is marketing service provided by Google, Inc. By means of cookies, Google Analytics allows us to have access to website usage statistics about our website.  More specifically, we use the « Advertising Feature » and the« Remarketing Feature » of Google Analytics.

To use this service, we have promised not to identify our users and not to facilitate the integration of personal data with the anonymized data from Google Analytics to attempt identifying users. The data transmitted to Google are disaggregated, and we cannot reaggregate them.  

In other words, the statistical information obtained by this service cannot be used to identify you and are not linked to your personal information. The information is in an aggregated manner for the purpose of statistical analysis about your buying process and your habits, which allows us to ameliorate your browsing experience. This information includes, amongst others, the browser being used (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or others) and their language, the websites visited and the length of the visit, the approximate location (city) the IP address of the browsers, the external webpages which referred their visitors to RD Furniture, etc. This information is automatically collected by these analytical tools when you visit your website.

When we use these Google services, we do not share, nor do we communicate your personal information. The information being used, shared or communicated is always anonymized or aggregated.

To learn more about Google Analytics’ privacy policy, click here.

We also used Google Analytics to do retargeted advertising with Adwords. You can avoid this tracking by downloading the complementary browser plugin to deactivate Google Analytics. This plugin, which can be found here, gives you the possibility to block the usage of your data by the Javascript files of Google Analytics. This module is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Firefox and Opera. 

Please note that to be able to use Google Analytics, we must act in conformity with applicable laws.

How can I prevent the use of cookies?

It is possible to deactivate cookies directly in your browser. 

Type of browser

Link to explanations


Support – Apple 

Google Chrome

Support - Google


Support - Firefox

By using RD Furniture’s website without having deleted, deactivated or stopped the storage of cookies, you implicitly consent to the collection, use or communication of information (personal or otherwise) required for the execution of these functionalities.

Contact us

To exercise your right or to make comments or complaints regarding our privacy policy, you must make a written request, via mail or email at the following coordinates:

Privacy Officer

Mr. Étienne de Andrade
Chief Privacy Officer
Head office - RD Furniture
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Email: confidentialite@meublesrd.com