deliveries, pickups and returns

covid-19 delay notification

Given the current situation, many suppliers are experiencing production delays. Delivery periods are therefore affected and challenging to plan. RD Furniture thanks you for your comprehension.



To ensure the safety of our customers and delivery team members, RD Furniture has minimized contacts in the delivery process.

The shipping costs added to your order are calculated according to your postal code. The basic rate is $59.95 and varies depending on the distance to be travelled by the delivery team members. To calculate the rate according to your location, refer to the calculation module below. For purchases of $799 or more, RD Furniture offers delivery at your doorstep (standard) by applying a $59.95 discount to your cart.

Delivery in the room of your choice (inside): delivery fees will be added to any order of 1 to 10 items. If you have more than 10 items, add $5.00 per extra item to the estimated cost.


  Delivery at your doorstep (standard)  Inside-delivery *
Eligible for the $59.95 discount for purchases of $799 or more Yes No
Location of merchandise deposit The packaged merchandise will be deposited outside, on the threshold of the residence’s main door, or in the garage. The packed merchandise will be deposited inside your home, in the room of your choice.
Unpacking of the merchandise No merchandise unpacking Only appliances will be unpacked
Installation  No merchandise assembly (or installation) will be made. No merchandise assembly (or installation) will be made.
Merchandise pickup No merchandise pickup will be possible Only unplugged and ready-to-collect appliances will be picked up upon request.
Merchandise exchange No exchange will be made. No exchange will be made.
Door and stair railings disassembly Delivery team members will not remove any stair railings or doors during delivery. Delivery team members will not remove any stair railings or doors during delivery.

*If "Inside-Delivery" is not indicated on your contract, you will have a standard delivery at your doorstep.


Ensure to verify the merchandise’s measures beforehand to allow a safe delivery without risking product or property damage. The delivery team members may refuse to proceed with the delivery if these conditions are not respected. A new product selection will then be allowed, but RD Furniture will charge the shipping fee once more, and 20% depreciation will be applied if the merchandise has been unpacked. If you delay picking up the merchandise, storage charges may be added.

  • Make sure that an adult is present on the delivery day;
  • Ensure entry and stairs are uncluttered and clear of snow and ice;
  • Disassemble doors and stair railings (if necessary);
  • Make space to receive the merchandise if delivered in the garage or inside your house. The delivery team will not move any furniture already inside (except appliances).

terms and conditions

You will receive an automated text message the day before your delivery to confirm a 4-hour time frame during which your delivery will occur. You will also be able to follow the progress of the delivery team during the day by clicking on the web link included in your text. If your merchandise is not in stock and you have not yet agreed on a delivery day, RD Furniture will contact you upon receipt of your merchandise to arrange a delivery date with you.

A physical distance of 2 metres from the delivery team members is required at all times.

A photo of the delivered piece of furniture will be taken as delivery confirmation.


When you buy in-store or online, you have the option of having your furniture delivered (free of charge) in-store and then picking up your merchandise.

RD Furniture does not include delivery costs in the pricing to reduce operating costs. Thus, without considering the delivery rates when determining sale prices, the prices are minimum.

RD Furniture does not own delivery vehicles but works with various professional transport companies (subcontracts).

For some smaller-sized items, RD Furniture offers delivery via FedEx. Rates vary depending on weight and type of package. If the option is available for the item you are interested in, this will be indicated in the product description. The FedEx rate will be visible when you pay for your purchase when choosing a delivery option.

When Delivery Goes Through FedEx

If FedEx delivers your purchase, a tracking number will be issued to you. This number will allow you to track your shipment in real time by checking the Tracking tab of their site. FedEx will also send you confirmations at each essential transit point of your package.

Your purchase should arrive 48 to 72 hours after your order if merchandise is in stock.

If no one is present at the time of delivery, FedEx will ensure that it can leave the parcel at your door. If this is not possible, a delivery attempt notice will be left at your door. To deliver the package, FedEx will make up to three more delivery attempts. If no one is present during these four attempts, the parcel will be stored in their warehouse for seven days before being shipped back to RD Furniture. You will then be responsible for recovering your purchase or for scheduling and paying for a new delivery.


It is possible to pick up your merchandise WITHOUT CONTACT at our distribution centres in Lachine (Montreal) and Victoriaville every day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Delivery teams must follow all the required health guidelines and social distancing rules. When you arrive at the distribution centre, call the phone number written on the door and give your contract number to the employee. Your merchandise will be put outside the warehouse, and you will have no direct contact with our staff. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer help in loading the products into your vehicle. We are sorry for the inconvenience; thank you for understanding.


You have 48 hours after delivery to register a claim regarding damaged or defective products.

All sales are final, and deposits are non-refundable. However, RD Furniture will decide on repairing, replacing, or crediting a defective product under the warranty criteria. 

Material breakage to fabric membranes under the sofas and armchairs is not covered by any warranty and does not justify a return or a repair.