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Queen Electric Bed - 60" Queen Electric Bed - 60" Queen Electric Bed - 60"
Queen Electric Bed - 60"

Queen Electric Bed - 60"

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  • Anti-snoring
  • Clears respiratory airways
  • Reduces lower back tension
  • Preset, individual position settings
  • Remote control
  • LED light
  • For a maximum capacity of 750 pounds
  • Security battery

Are you looking for maximum comfort to achieve better sleep? Let's talk about the electric adjustable bed from the
Flexi collection: everyone knows that nothing beats a good night's sleep. The adjustable electric bed offers even more! There are only advantages to choosing that option. Elevating the feet reduces the pressure in the legs and thus provides better blood circulation. The zero gravity position proposes a weightlessness effect, which leads to a maximum relaxation of the muscles, mainly relieving the tensions in the lower back. Raising the headrest opens the respiratory airways and reduces pressure on the cervical area. Your loved one puts you to sleep with snoring sounds? The electric adjustable bed is the perfect solution for you or your partner, well, for both of you! Straightening the headrest helps reduce snoring, giving you a restful sleep (for you, too!). Everyone will benefit from these advantages, whether you or your partner trying to sleep beside you.

The preset remote control lets you quickly find your favourite positions and customize your mattress set-up. You will find the best of both worlds if you like watching TV in bed, reading, working or just relaxing with your cell phone. For the night wanderers, an LED light under the bed will guide you in the dark. The safety battery allows the bed base to return to its original position during a power outage. You will feel the therapeutic virtues for many years to come. You offer yourself a natural gift for your body, mind, and health. For you, from you!

*Have a look at our Izabel bed sheet sets designed for electric beds.


Technical details
More Information
Collection FLEXI PLUS
Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty
Feature LED lighting
Weight (Lbs) 143.3
Depth (inches) * 80
Height (Inches) * 14
Width (inches) * 60
Height box (inches) 7
Width box (inches) 43
Length box (inches) 61
* All dimensions are approximate, they may vary slightly.
Good to Know
Electric beds
Electric beds
The electric bed offers several benefits. The remote control allows you to find the most comfortable resting position for your needs.
LED Lighting
LED Lighting
Enhance visibility and energy savings while adding a stylish and functional flair to the space.
  • Manufacturer information

    The absolute well-being!







    • Remote control with multiple settings
    • Read, watch TV 
    • Relax with cell phone or tablet
    • Work comfortably







    contributes to the reduction of snoring, providing you with restful sleep.

    gives the effect of weightlessness, leading to muscle relaxation, mainly relieving tension of lower back pain.

    reduces the pressure of the legs improving blood circulation.


    • 9 cm bed base thickness
    • Preset positions
    • Wireless remote control
    • LED lighting 

    Easily find your favourite positions with the electric Flexi PLUS bed by customizing your mattress. The LED lighting under the bed will guide the night wanderers.