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Here are the terms and conditions under which you (the "client") can purchase merchandise and services offered by RD Furniture Inc. on the website. To purchase a product online, the customer must carefully read the conditions and agree to comply.

1. Introduction

The customer accepts the terms and conditions written below about purchasing merchandise online and services offered on


2. Terms of Use

Any content published and made available on this website is the property of RD Furniture or a third party, including, but not limited to, images, videos, text, logos, documents, downloadable files, and anything else that contributes to the website's composition.

RD Furniture reserves the right to modify, without notice, products and services advertised or offered on the website, the prices and specifications of these products or services, as well as any promotional offer and documents on the website. Despite our best efforts, RD Furniture cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content published on the website. RD Furniture will make necessary changes as soon as an error on the website is brought to our attention.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on factors such as screen resolution. RD Furniture cannot guarantee that the colour of the product online is identical to the physical product.

Availability of products and services may vary. RD Furniture cannot guarantee that the products and services advertised or offered on this website will be available during the order and all the following procedures.


3. Account Usage

RD Furniture invites the customer to open an account on the website. When you create an account, you agree to be responsible for your account's security and confidentiality, including your password. The customer undertakes to notify RD Furniture within the first 24 hours of any unauthorized use of the mentioned password.

RD Furniture reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account if you use our site illegally or violate the accepted terms of use.


4. Price

RD Furniture aims to offer you the lowest price. For more information, please see our Pricing Policy. Prices are displayed in Canadian dollars. Prices can sometimes be subject to change quickly. Therefore, the cost of items in your shopping cart is subject to change until you have placed a final order.

RD Furniture reserves the right to cancel an online order (including a confirmed one) at any time and without notice in the event of pricing or display errors, lack of inventory, product or service errors, or technical difficulties. In the rare case that your order is not accepted, you will be notified immediately, and no fees will be charged.

Please note that RD Furniture promotions end at midnight Eastern Time on the date indicated on the website.


5. Taxes and Eco-Fees

RD Furniture calculates taxes and eco-fees based on the shipping address location. We offer our delivery service in Quebec and Ontario. For every order shipped throughout Quebec, the added taxes are the QST (the Québec Sales Tax) and the GST (Goods and Services Tax). The tax added in Ontario is the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Any tax exemption request must be made in-store.


6. Payment

Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as Fairstone financing plans, are accepted. By confirming your purchase at the end of the checkout process, you agree to accept and pay for the items, products, and services for which you have submitted an order. You will receive an order confirmation email containing all the completed information during the purchase process.


7. Delivery and Pickup

RD Furniture offers delivery service by FedEx, to your house at the doorstep, to your house inside the room of your choice, or in-store pickup depending on the purchased merchandise and the delivery location. Please read our Delivery and Pickup Policy for further information.

Delivery fees are calculated according to your postal code. The base rate is $59.95 and may vary according to the distance to be covered by the delivery team. Delivery fees are calculated for an order of 1 to 10 products. Add $5.00 per additional piece to the estimated cost on orders of 10 items or more. For purchases of $799 or more, RD Furniture offers free local delivery to your doorstep (outside) by applying a $59.95 discount on your purchase contract.

RD Furniture reserves the right to reschedule a delivery or pickup date depending on the availability of the merchandise or circumstances beyond RD Furniture's control. RD Furniture undertakes to notify the customer as soon as possible.

The contract balance must be paid in-full 48 hours before delivery. The delivery will be cancelled in the case of non-payment, and RD Furniture reserves the right to cancel the contract.

The customer must ensure that an adult will be present during delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the size adequacy of the purchased merchandise. The house entrance and location area must be safe for the delivery members. The access to the house must be cleared of snow and ice in winter. The delivery members must keep their boots on for safety matters.

In the case of delivery, the customer has a 48-hour period following delivery to report a material failure on the merchandise by completing the online form of the after-sales service.

In the case of a pickup, the customer has a 24-hour period to report a material failure on the merchandise by completing the online form of the after-sales service.


8. Return Policy

It is possible to cancel an order online 24 hours after purchase, by completing the online after-sales service form or by phone (1 833 902-4281). An email confirming the cancellation of the order will be sent to the customer. Without this attestation, the order will remain, and fees will be charged to the customer. Upon the cancellation confirmation, a refund in the original payment method will be granted within five business days.

A defective product under the warranty criteria will be repaired, replaced, or credited at RD Furniture's discretion. RD Furniture reserves the right to apply or refuse a refund at anytime. See our Return Policy for more information.


9. Confidentiality

The hereby customer certifies that they have consulted and agree to the RD Furniture Privacy Policy relating to the use of the site and the customer's personal information that RD Furniture may collate.